Yugoslavian M76 in 8mm


Brand new Yugoslavian M76 in 8mm F-15039

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Yugoslavian M76 in 8mm
This is Pre-sample gun that is available only to dealers.

This was imported after 1968, but before 1986, so it’s transferable to FFL dealers with their SOT only. The good news is that you get to keep this gun after you give up your license. This is a 100% factory mFG machine gun. Not a conversion! This gun was used in a Soldier of Fortune article written by Peter Kokalis about the Yugoslavian M76 Sniper rifle. This is the actual gun from the article that was once owned by Peter Kokalis himself. It is a registered Pre-1968 Sample MG, as this is the same receiver that they use for a machine gun. Link to article below

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