Salient Arms BLU Standard 9mm


Brand new Salient Arms BLU Standard 9mm

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Salient Arms
BLU Standard 9mm

Introducing the first production gun by Salient Arms International dubbed the BLU. This pistol is made completely in house and features a proprietary integrated brass back strap and magwell. The BLU fills a void for those shooters who adore the ergonomics of the M&P and the reliability of the Glock.

These desires presented the perfect opportunity in the market which we feel we have taken advantage of giving birth to the BLU. The BLU is only available in two configurations full size and compact, both accepting Glock magazines. The standard features a full size slide and frame accepting Glock 17 magazines. The Compact version features a compact slide and frame – leveraging Glock 19 magazines.


Available Calibers: 9mm (only at this time)
Sizes: Standard, Compact
SAI Box Fluted Match Barrel (Threaded): Standard – Black Nitride finish only
SAI Solid Brass Backstrap – dimpled for concealed carry
SAI Solid Brass Mag Release
SAI Fiber Optic Sights (Red Fiber Only)

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