Quartermaster Knives General Lee Texas Tea

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Brand new Quartermaster Knives General Lee Texas Tea Qtr-GenLee-TT-Tanto

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Quartermaster Knives
General Lee 2 QTR-11 TT Tanto Blade Texas Tea Finish

The General Lee 2 from QTRMSTR is affectionately known as the “pace car” for the knife industry in 2016. Proudly; it’s the first knife of the year to make its debut; in fact, the only knife to begin sales to public on 1/1/2016.

The QTR-11 is a collaborative effort with the Hawk Knives design team from Idaho City, ID. The full-titanium rocker chassis is unlike anything that’s ever been made in the history of tactical knives. Each piece is individually milled and assembled by hand to exacting tolerances. Each part has been cut by wEDM, milled to shape, stone-washed, then smoothed by hand, for a perfect fit and durable finish.

Out in front, we installed a lightly stone-washed s35vn blade that glides effortlessly with the help of its design-integrated flipper.

Buyer beware; no knife in the world has open/close action like this one. It operates more like the suspension of a Formula ONE race-car than it does a traditional folding knife. It’s action is fascinating and tough to put-down.

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