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The Alien Full Kit comes complete with a custom hard case containing the Alien pistol, three (3) magazines, a standard top rail with adjustable competition, fiber optic sights, a red dot top rail with Laugo red dot sight, magwell, custom Elornis holster and frame, cleaning supplies, tools, and a snap-cap for dry fire exercises.

Alien Full Kit Includes:

Laugo Arms Alien pistol (9x19mm)
Three (3) 17-rd Magazines
Standard Fiber Optic Iron Sight Top Rail
Red Dot Top Rail with Laugo Red Dot Sight
Custom Elornis Holster and Frame
Cleaning Supplies
Custom Hard Case
Snap Cap
Tool kit
When you look up the word �innovative� in the dictionary, there is a picture of the Laugo Arms Alien Full Kit next to it. Its unique appearance not only looks interesting, but under this design hides a world of unique features.

What is immediately noticeable is that the barrel of the Laugo Arms Alien is situated a lot lower than with conventional small arms. In fact, this pistol features the world’s lowest bore axis, located just 1.7mm below the gunner’s grip axis. This results in an almost flat recoil angle with almost no muzzle raise and therefore ensures that the gun is quickly on target again. The 122 mm (4.8 inch) barrel is also part of the frame, which ensures that it does not move during the firing cycle. This creates a whole where successive shots are extremely accurate.

The slide of the Laugo Arms Alien resembles that of any other handgun at first glance, but upon closer inspection it is immediately apparent that this is certainly not the case. This slide only moves on the sides and the top plate is completely disconnected. This results in a fixed top plate in which the sights always remain firmly in place and therefore have less stress to endure. In addition, this top plate as a whole is easy to exchange. The slide works by means of a delayed gas piston system, which ensures that the slide only starts moving as soon as the bullet has left the barrel.

What sets the Alien apart even further from standard small arms is its trigger system. The safety is located in the trigger by means of a central blade that ensures that the weapon can only be fired when it is pressed. When the trigger is pulled, the hammer comes into action. This hammer is part of the top plate and has an ingenious mechanism that only releases it when the slide is completely closed. A handy indicator in the top plate indicates when the hammer is cocked.

To completely customize the firearm, it features interchangeable backstraps, interchangeable grip plates, an adjustable rear sight and a Weaver/Picatinny rail located on the underside. In addition, the Laugo Arms Alien includes an ambidextrous magazine catch.

UPC 738435000020
Barrel Length 4.8 BARREL
Caliber 9MM LUGER (9X19 PARA)

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