Knight’s – KAC Folding Micro Front Sight


Brand new Knight’s – KAC Folding Micro Front Sight

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Knight’s – KAC Folding Micro Front Sight

KAC’s line of Micro Iron Sights are currently in use by the United States Army, Marine Corps, and numerous law enforcement agencies worldwide. This is because they are built to exacting tolerances, maintain their zero under adverse conditions, and when folded have one of the lowest profile top-rail foot prints in the industry. Our Folding Micro Front Sight is no exception and features a tool-free, finger-adjustable front sight post that makes performing sight corrections extremely fast and simple.


Material: Steel & Aluminum

Elevation Adjustable: Yes


The KAC Micro Front Sight uses a proprietary front sight post that is not interchangeable with any other aftermarket AR-15 font sight post.