Knights Armament Mk23 .45 Caliber Suppressor


Brand new Knights Armament Mk23 .45 Caliber Suppressor 94368

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KAC Mk23 .45
Pistol Silencer

Knights Armament Company Mk23 .45 Caliber Suppressor

45 ACP, 7.5″ Barrel, Pistol Suppressor, Black Finish 94368

This 45ACP KAC suppressor is the same version that is issued to our armed forces. This is one of the only suppressors on the market that will not void your factory HK warranty on your pistol These units are sold to SOCOM, and are the standard by which all others are judged. Please call to check stock, as these sell out fast!

Length: 7.5″
Weight: 15.4 oz
RH Thread: for H&K Mark 23 .45 Caliber

*All NFA rules and regulations apply.

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