Browning X-Bolt Polished Stainless Bolt Action Rifle – 25-06 Remington – 24in

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Browning X-Bolt Polished Stainless Bolt Action Rifle – 25-06 Remington – 24in – The X-Bolt White Gold model has a Monte Carlo stock. This feature is recognized as the comb steps sharply down toward the heel of the buttstock, allowing more contact between the recoil pad of the stock and the shooter’s shoulder. With this design, the recoil of the fired shell comes directly back or in-line with the stronger part of the inner shoulder, making the rifle more pleasant to shoot, especially when a long day at the range is expected. The X-Bolt White Gold is beautifully adorned with a polished Stainless steel receiver that is drilled and tapped for scope mounts with Engravings both the front and rear. This rifle also has a polished Stainless steel barrel. Its stock is a gloss-finished, finely Checkered with a rosewood forend and grip cap. The White Gold’s beauty is really on the inside, in how it shoots and what makes it so accurate. The three-lever Feather Trigger” system is probably the most comfortable, simple trigger on any bolt-action rifle on the market. There is no take-up or creep and very little over-travel. This is the kind of trigger serious hunters and shooters demand. Next is the superb free-floating barrel with target Crown, then triple-checked for interior finish, straightness and air-guaged for total uniformity. No doubt, this rifle has it all. Looks, handling and most important, dead-on accuracy. Monte Carlo stock places the recoil pad directly in line with the shoulder, resulting in less perceived recoil for more comfortable shooting. The high grade Walnut stock with detailed checkering provides classic good looks. A durable gloss finish provides protection and enhances the natural beauty of the hardwood. Rosewood caps on the fore-end and grip offer additional elegance. Innovative Inflex Technology recoil pad uses directional deflection to pull the stock down and away from the face to reduce perceived recoil. Barrel, action, trigger guard and other metal surfaces feature polished Stainless steel for a striking appearance. Button-Rifled barrel is triple checked for quality and individually hand chambered and air gauged to ensure consistency and accuracy. The target Crown enables the uniform release of gas as the bullet exits the barrel, preventing a shift in trajectory. The Crown is recessed to protect it from accidental damage that degrades accuracy. Free floated barrel eliminates contact interference from the fore-end, enabling the superior barrel craftsmanship to perform consistently and accurately. Drilled and tapped for X-Lock scope mounts that use four screws for each base to provide a rock solid optic platform. Adjustable Feather Trigger minimizes the “human factor” by eliminating creep and take-up providing a crisp trigger pull that “breaks like glass.” Low profile action allows you to mount the scope extremely close to the center of the bore to minimize the offset between point of aim and Point of Impact. 60 bolt lift keeps the thumb and fingers clear of the scope when cycling the action and allows the bolt to be operated in a smoother/quicker motion. Top-tang safety offers easy accessibility without removing your firing hand from the stock. Sights: Drilled and Tapped for Scope Base Three lever Feather Trigger X-Lock scope mounts Inflex Technology recoil pad Bolt unlock button 60 degree bolt lift Detachable rotary magazine Free floated barrel


Capacity 4+1
Barrel Length 24in
Lop 13.6in
Stock Sporter Satin Grade IV/V Walnut
Sights Drilled & Tapped For Scope Base
Weight 6.9lbs
Action Bolt Action
Cartridge 25-06 Remington
Overall Length 44.75in

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