10-8 Performance Smith & Wesson M&P Rear Sights


Brand new 10-8 Performance Smith & Wesson M&P Rear Sights

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10-8 Performance S&W M&P Rear Sights
Product Description

*****Please note that S&W slide dovetails vary wildly from gun to gun, and filing with a diamond file or hone may be necessary for proper installation. Our sights are all the same size (and have been the same dimensions for years), and while they are intended to fit snugly in most slides, the same sight may slide through a particular slide or be too tight to start into another. We can’t control the slide dimensions, all we can do is keep our sights a constant size. We are not liable for destruction/damage to sights during installation.

Our rear sight for the M&P is precision CNC machined from heat treated 4140 bar stock, and are designed to withstand the rigors of hard duty use. The sight features a U notch for fast alignment with tritium, bead, or fiber optic front sights. The rear face is serrated at 40 lpi to reduce glare in varied lighting conditions. The sight blade is thick enough to allow setting tritium vials as dots or bars if one so chooses, and is contoured and dehorned for comfortable handling and carry. Finished in black salt bath nitrocarburizing, equivalent to the factory finish on the slide, for superior hardness and corrosion resistance.

FITS: ALL calibers, all sizes of M&P, including Pro and 9L long slides and new 2.0 Compact/Full Size etc.
Not for S&W M&P .22

The rear sight fits all calibers and all sizes of the M&P series, and is compatible in height with the factory front sight (.160″ tall x .140″ wide). Rear sight height is identical to the factory sight (.330″ total height, .240″ net blade height), and will not change point of impact. User installation instructions included. This sight will NOT fit S&W 1911 or “Third Gen” (3913, 5906, etc) series pistols.

**These sights are too wide to correctly fit the Shield.

***These sights do NOT fit the M&P CORE series pistols.

****The left front of the sight has a small angle machined into it. This is for easier installation, and is not a machining error. We know the S&W Armorer Manual specifies that the sights go in/out from the right, but that is for their factory sights. Ours can go in/out from either side, as shown in our video.

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