Nighthawk Custom 1911 Talon 2 Tone-10mm.

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Brand new Nighthawk Custom 1911 Talon 2 Tone-10mm. ncp19242

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Nighthawk Custom Talon I
5″ Fullsize 10mm

If you are looking for a 1911 that already comes with the best of everything, the Talon is the gun you want. As you can see from the introductory page, there’s just not much left to do to it. We have noticed that a lot of our customers still ask if they can change things on it. The answer is a resounding “yes,…anything”. We’re a custom shop, so we’re not going to require you to buy a cookie cutter gun. We want you to have the freedom to have your gun the way you want it.

It’s about fit. It’s about finish. It’s about value. It’s the classic style of the gunsmith’s art form. The Talon is the embodiment of everything you love about a 1911.

CA model does not include extended magazine well.

Hand checkering on the rear of the slide with serrated slide top
Magazine well hand blended to frame
Match grade barrel and bushing
Lightweight aluminum match grade trigger with bar stock sear
Tool steel hammer and hammer strut
Hex head grip screws
Slide stop cut from forging
Completely dehorned. Not one sharp area anywhere
Built the way you want it when you’re ready.

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