GSL Technology MAC 380/9/45 Suppressor “Gemtech Viper”

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Brand new GSL Technology MAC 380/9/45 Suppressor “Gemtech Viper”

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GSL Technology MAC 380/9/45 Suppressor “Gemtech Viper”

Greg Latka is the brains behind Gemtech’s Legendary SMG Suppressor line that has since been discontinued. Greg’s company GSL Technology, Inc is now re-porducing these suppressors under new names. New name but same great product.

Strong claim? Certainly – but Gemtech backs it up with the performance specifications of there VIPER series. It is far smaller and lighter than the original Sionics design, but it retains the classic look of the early MAC suppressors by the addition of an over-diameter heat shield, knurled for a steady grip. Not only does this make for a more controllable MAC, the heat shield also makes up the most extraordinary feature of this unit.

It doubles as a secure locking device that ratchets back into a rock-solid mount to prevent loosening or dangerous unscrewing during hard use. Initial installation is simple, and subsequent mounting/dismounting is simpler yet – just slide the heat shield forward to disengage the locking mechanism to remove the VIPER from the host firearm.

It is the quietest dedicated suppressor available for one of the most widespread submachine guns ever marketed in the United States. Period. VIPER suppressors are available in .380, 9mm, and .45ACP versions.

Caliber 9mm/380/45
Sound Reduction 32dB
Diameter 1.8″
Length 9″
Weight In Units 12 oz
Mount Fail-Safe Lock on Original MAC SMG Barrel
Material Aluminum
Full Auto Rated Yes
Finish Hardcoat Black Anodize

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