Gemtech Quicksand 7.62Nato Sound Suppressor


Brand new Gemtech Quicksand 7.62Nato Sound Suppressor

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Gemtech Quicksand
7.62mm Silencer

The QUICKSAND was developed in response to customer requests for a quick-detach version of the ultra-lightweight 7.62mm SANDSTORM which maintained all of the SANDSTORM’s features. The QUICKSAND mounts on the standard Gemtech flash hider/mounts used by the HVT, maintaining 100% backward mount compatibility. The patented quick mount is a simple 1-handed, 2-second push/twist/click secure mount that guarantees consistency each time it is mounted. Featuring the same baffle stack and constructions techniques as the SANDSTORM, this 100% welded high tensile strength titanium 7.62 NATO suppressor is the lightest weight QD .308 suppressor available.

Our 7.62mm QUICKMOUNT suppressors are also compatible with 5.56mm QUICKMOUNT adapters for customers wishing to utilize their 7.62mm suppressors on subcaliber rifles such as an AR-15.

QUICKMOUNT adapters sold separately

For Barrels:

16″ or longer 7.62×51/.308 WIN
10.3″ or longer 5.56×45/.223
10.3″ or longer 6.8 SPC
8″ or longer 7.62×39
7.5″ or longer 300 BLK

Caliber .30
Sound Reduction 32dB
Diameter 1.5″
Length 9.2″
Weight In Units 17.5oz
Mount Quickmount (sold separately)
Material Titanium
Full Auto Rated Yes
Finish Matte Black Cerakote with Reduced Visual-IR Signature

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