AWC Amphibian II – Ruger MK IV – All Black


Brand new AWC Amphibian II – Ruger MK IV – All Black

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AWC Amphibian II – Ruger MK IV – All Black

The Amphibian II was developed to exceed the performance in 3 specific areas; self-serviceability, improved Db reduction, and extended service life. The design and construction of the new Amphibian II allows users to service their weapons quickly and economically. Combined with our never-ending research and development programs, the new take-apart design also enables AWC to upgrade components of your Amphibian II in the future.

*NFA rules and regulations apply.
**All serialized products must be properly shipped and transferred through a dealer who posseses a valid Federal Firearms License (FFL). You will have the opportunity to select a local dealer or provide the information of your preferred dealer during checkout.

Caliber .22LR
Length 13.5″
Finish Matte

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